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EPISODE 310: Most of the time, our goals remain goals–forgotten and collecting dust. That’s what usually happens when you operate in left-to-right thinking. But what if you could turn those business, life, or health goals into reality?

In this week’s episode, I’ll discuss what right-to-left thinking is all about and walk you through the five ways to make it work for your construction business.

We’ll also talk about the problems with left-to-right thinking (what most of us are stuck with), what it looks like when you apply a right-to-left thinking approach to your construction business, and so much more!

Let’s jump right in!


Key Takeaways:

Introduction (00:00)

The problem with left-to-right thinking (01:24)

What is right-to-left thinking? (04:13)

How to apply right-to-left thinking in big-picture strategic planning (04:43)

What does financial right-to-left thinking look like? (08:52)

Applying the right-to-left thinking in sales (13:56)

How to nail the handoff (17:54)

How to use right-to-left thinking when hiring (25:16)

The Big Five Activities explained (28:52)

Episode wrap-up (30:00)


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