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EPISODE 241: What is the Law of Compensation? How do you know if you’re even solving the right problem?  What if you don’t even understand what you’re disagreeing about?  Are you about to start a business that’s a waste of time?  What if you’re about to lose a good employee but you could avoid it?  In this episode you’ll learn one of the most important questions you can ask in 8 crucial situations. 

In this episode you’ll learn about 8 situations you may want to ask this question: “What the #$%&  is the REAL problem?”

  • When you find yourself in any sort of disagreement or negotiation
  • If you’re planning to start a business.
  • If you want to make more money as an employee.
  • Why you want to ask it when you’re selling.
  • Problems you can avoid when you think you have an employee performance issue.
  • A few situations you may be dealing with, where the real problem isn’t so obvious.
  • You'll also learn about the Law of Compensation.

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