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Use this 3 pronged approach to reduce the profit bleeds, chaos and loss of will to live from the punchlist phase.


What you'll get from this construction podcast episode:

  • How to set up your agreements so your punchlist process causes fewer profit bleeds.
  • Systems you can put in place during construction to reduce rework, unsolicited charity, and opportunity cost.
  • How to anchor your customers to the right expectations.
  • A step by step process you can use for your punchlist phase that puts it all together.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Productivity Hacks & Optimize Your Overhead [Free PDF Guide] -

CoConstruct Software for Builders and Remodelers -

Tsheets Time Tracking Software -

CompanyCam Photo App for documenting your QC process and punchlist -

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Boost your sales by learning some insider secrets only bankers usually know about.

What you'll get from this construction podcast episode:

- Insider secret about financing that contractors need to know about.

- Two things lenders care about.  There are only two.

- Why Giri Addanki says "Zero percent interest cards are just kicking the can down the road."

- How can contractors use financing to increase sales...even commercial contractors?

- The three different financing models that are out there, and a relatively new model that's "bringing the marketplace to the kitchen table."

- Misconceptions about offering financing.

- How the flow of money works when you offer financing.

- Mistakes they make when getting set up with a lender?

- What are the biggest problems contractors can solve by offering financing?


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Acorn Finance -

CoConstruct Software: Run your entire business on it -

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There's gold in the dysfunction at your jobsites.  Here are 9 proven hacks you can use to boost productivity at your jobsites.  


Here's what you're going to get out of this construction podcast epsisode:

- Nine proven hacks you can use to boost productivity on your jobsites.

- Why you should Stay Out of Stores. Period.

- What can you do about personal phone usage on the jobsite?

- Two questions to cover every morning in a 5 minute huddle.

- What does it mean to "batch communication?"

- What does a deep work session look like for you?

- How you can use "visual scopes of work" to reduce mistakes and rework.

- The phrase you probably use that needs to be deleted from your vocabulary.

- What is the handoff, and why should you focus on it to boost productivity?


Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Download the Productivity Hacks Guide with all 32 hacks -

CoConstruct Masterclass: Maximize Bottom Line Profits -

CoConstruct Software for Running Your Entire Business -

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What are some of the challenges of an $800M renovation project?  What about "herd knowledge" and "training fatigue" when it comes to new software?  


What you'll get out of this construction podcast episode:

- Insider perspective from two the Bear Construction team working on the $800 million renovation of the Old Chicago Post Office.

- Some of the surprising challenges Nick, Tony and their team faced during this massive project.

- What are some of the most interesting tech solutions out there right now for contractors?

- Some big mistakes to avoid when rolling out a new piece of software to manage projects, like they did with Fieldwire.

- What are some tips for getting your team to embrace a new system?

- How to go about selling upper management or ownership on the idea of changing a process or investing in software.

- Some of the biggest challenges for contractors that the Fieldwire team is tackling.

Resources mentioned in this construction podcast episode:

Bear Construction Company -

Fieldwire Field Management Software for Contractors -

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What you’ll learn in this construction podcast episode:

What are private capital groups and how do you find them?

The difference between debt lenders, private equity and private capital groups

The basics of how a real estate deal (multi-family or land development) gets financed.

One of the not-so-well-known tax credits available to homebuilders

Common misconceptions about financing real estate deals.

The mindset of loan committees who decide on financing deals

“The balance sheet and property doesn’t need to be perfect, but your character needs to be good.”

The script you want to have ready that will help you get your deal across the finish line.

When is the right time to start meeting with financing groups? (It’s sooner than you think.)

The question you should ask every lender or investor who turns you down.

Investors have a 90/10 rule to ensure you have skin in the game.

How to get started if you want to start developing your own projects.

How to get a “free look” at a property with no risk so you can do due diligence.

What does “going hard” on a property mean?

Michael’s advice on how much of your own money you should put in a deal.

When’s the right time to go back to your lenders or investors when things don’t go well?

One big mistake builders and developers make when dealing with lenders and investors.

How to contact Michael Berke
Tempo Capital Group

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