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What does a sticky situation with an emergency generator have to do with Donald Trump? Anchoring. An important negotiation tactic and a fundamental human tendency to place outsized importance on the first piece of information presented, anchoring can work in your favor or work against you. Listen to learn how to plant the anchor firmly on your side of the negotiating table.  

What you'll learn in this episode:  

  • What the anchoring effect is. 
  • The science behind how the anchoring effect works. 
  • How to create an anchor price, time estimate, etc.
  • Understanding the zone of possible agreement (ZOPA). 
  • Negotiating from your anchor. 
  • Diffusing a counter anchor.  

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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Mitch Kenney has cracked the code on pay per click advertising and SEO optimisation. He started with a small plumbing operation which he quickly grew after perfecting these online marketing techniques. Now he runs his own marketing firm and plumbing and HVAC businesses. Listen to learn more about how you too can grow your business through online advertising. 

What you're going to learn in this podcast: 

1. Getting the phone to ring through internet marketing 

2. The art of SEO optimisation 

3. The importance of reviews 

4. Pay per click advertising: keywords, budgeting, calls to action, and landing sites.

5. Tips on sales and "following the money" 

6. The importance of good service and good hires 

7. Tips on how to move from a "scarcity mindset" to an "abundance mindset" 

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

How to contact Mitch Kenney: 



Apparatus Contractor Services  

The Construction Business Accelerator





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