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What are the 10 most expensive tax mistakes contractors make? Can you make money by hiring a CPA? 

Episode #64 of The Construction Leading Edge Podcast from is an interview with Craig Cody, who is a Certified Public Account, Certified Tax Coach and former NYPD police officer.

In this construction podcast episode you will learn about:

  • The biggest mistake small business owners make regarding taxes.
  • The 10 most expensive tax mistakes that cost business owners thousands of dollars.
  • What does a CFO do, and when you should hire one.
  • Advice if you're planning to start a construction business.
  • Why you should consider outsourcing your bookkeeping.
  • How often you should meet with your CPA.

Resources mentioned in this podcast episode:

Get a free copy of Craig's book - "Ten Biggest Tax Mistakes That Cost Business Owners Thousands"

Craig Cody's email - craig(at)

Project Management Hacks and Secrets - Free video series


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